Monday, July 19, 2010

jBPM 4.4 is OUT!

The wait was long yet worth the while. jBPM 4.4 is now available for download. This new version resolves nothing short of 108 issues including feature requests and bugs. Compared to v4.3, with 47 issues, and v4.2, with 40, this release is a double pack.

Here comes the list of enhancements to the jPDL notation.
  • foreach structure: spawns concurrent paths of execution for each element of a collection.
  • assign activity: copies a source value to a target location.
  • variable declaration: declares a process variable with optional initial value and history trace.
  • Most elements can appear in any order within their parent element.
  • Improved documentation readability.
There are new APIs available to application developers.
  • Activity represents a step in the process.
  • Transition represents a link between activities.
  • OpenExecution.getActivity() returns the activity being executed.
  • ExecutionService.createVariable() creates a process variable and optionally enables history tracing.
  • HistoryService.getVariable() retrieves the latest value of a history-enabled variable.
Of particular relevance among the 64 bugs fixed, web console reports no longer fail in Tomcat. The installation script now generates a configuration that employs a global data source instead of connecting directly to the database. This makes 4.4 the most cat-friendly jBPM yet!

Special thanks go to Hui Sheng Xu and to Maciej Swiderski who made profound contributions to this release.

Hope you find this release more stable and useful than ever. Should you need help or have any feedback, stop by our discussion forum.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! to the whole jbpm team and the community for this next release.

Anonymous said...

Well Done! This is definitely good news for all who uses and propagate jBPM 4.

Ramon Rosa da Silva said...


Are this version fixed bug with id task for historic of task?

Where I find bugs of JBPM?

Tanks for this release!

Anonymous said...

Where is the maven build?

Anonymous said...

jBPM 4.4 is supported with latest JBOSS6 Application Server release?

Alejandro Guizar said...

Ramon, the change log can be found in JIRA: As for the issue you mention, it'd be helpful if you point me to it.

Alejandro Guizar said...

The Maven build can be found at the JBoss release repo.

Alejandro Guizar said...

The jbpm4-jboss Hudson job shows what JDK and JBoss AS combinations are continuously tested. Other combinations may work but are untested. In particular, JBoss AS 6 will not enter the matrix until a final release is published.

Ravi79 said...

Hi Alejandro,
Just want to check with you on the following two aspects in JBPM 4.4 version.
1) How can we handle exceptional handling in JBPM 4.4, If you can provide any sample examples will really help or any link which talks about exceptional handling in JBPM 4.4 will also suffice.
2) Does JBPM 4.4 comes with console monitoring application where we can see the status of all the processes running, start and stop the processes.

I am stuck up with the above 2 points, can you please help me.