Thursday, January 7, 2010

jBPM on Fedora

Ever since I switched from Windows to Fedora back in August 2008 I have not thought about going back even once. Never before had I seen so many engineering feats put together:
  • efficient system resource usage
  • quick file manipulation
  • consistent file system layout
  • isolation between processes
  • capable, integrated command set
  • uniform software distribution and installation
  • so much more!
Many a challenge has come my way, though it always met a clear, rational, repeatable solution, thanks to the enthusiastic community. No reboot-cures-all kind of deal.

Anyhow, during this time I had several occasions to put jBPM under the glass and check how it behaves in combination with various databases in this environment. Setting up any database in Fedora is not always straightforward due to missing, outdated, or overly generic documentation. After spending some time connecting the dots, I was suggested to document my proceedings for future reference.

The database installation guides listed below are the result of the documentation effort. Be assured they have been validated at least twice, each time I upgrade to a new Fedora version.
If you are looking to run jBPM or any other database application on top of an avant-garde, free and open operating system, these guides should be helpful.

Happy new year!

Update. I added an installation guide for Oracle.

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Anonymous said...

Great work, Alejandro. Thank you!